Air Conditioning Installation, Repair and Upgrades

We know it is tough to endure a Columbus summer worrying if your air conditioning unit is reliable, so let Gahanna Heating and Cooling help! Gahanna Heating and Cooling is your Columbus Premier heating and cooling service and installation company. Reliable air conditioning is important to your comfort and peace of mind in a hot Columbus summer. In fact, the HVAC system should be a major factor for those looking to purchase a home.  Reliable and efficient heating and cooling systems are critical to being comfortable. Gahanna Heating and Cooling is your premier Columbus provider of air conditioners, air handlers and other cooling systems.


York Air Conditioners

Gahanna Heating and Cooling is a certified comfort expert York dealer, which means we mainly install York air conditioners. We do have other brands available, but through our 40 years of experience we have determined that York is your best choice. York a/c units provide reliable performance, enhanced comfort, durable construction and efficient operation. Together York and Gahanna Heating and Cooling will set the standard of cooling and energy efficiency. Gahanna Heating and Cooling will work with you to find the best size air conditioning unit for your needs. Call Gahanna Heating and Cooling for your free estimate on a new air conditioner. 


Air Conditioning Maintenance

Performing annual maintenance on your air conditioner will extend the efficiency and reliability of your air conditioning unit. A/c units need more maintenance as they age. Let our trained technicians make sure that you are ready for the hot summer days in Columbus. Our maintenance agreement provides you with two semi-annual maintenance visits, discount on repairs, priority service and filters. With a maintenance agreement, Gahanna Heating and Cooling will call you to remind you in the spring and fall to schedule maintenance on your HVAC equipment. Call Gahanna Heating and Cooling today to find out more about our different options for maintenance agreements that we offer.


Air Conditioning System Installation

At some point it becomes necessary to choose a new air conditioning unit. It is important to recognize potential warning signs that your current air conditioner might be on its last legs.

Choosing the right air conditioning system that best fits home is a big decision. Gahanna Heating and Cooling has knowledgeable comfort advisors that will come out and discuss your options. Two of the factors that you need to determine are efficiency and indoor air quality needs. Our comfort advisors will perform a load calculation to determine the size of HVAC system that fits your needs. One of the biggest issues that our service technicians come across is that other companies installing improperly sized systems. If an HVAC unit is too big or too small, then an adequate amount of heating or cooling to make your family comfortable is never achieved.