Indoor Air Quality Services

Usually, heating and cooling systems have little direct impact on pollutants and debris in the air. Unwanted pollutants, like pet dander, indoor plant pollens and dust mites build up when windows and doors are sealed to prevent the loss of heat or cool air. The right air quality system can help you reduce those unwanted particles and improve the indoor air quality of your house. Consultants at Gahanna Heating and Cooling will help you reduce the impact of pollutants in your home's air by helping you choose from a number of different air filtration and purifying solutions.


Indoor Air Quality Testing

Air quality is a top priority for our Columbus customers, so in addition to providing heating and cooling systems, Gahanna Heating and Cooling helps customers decide what air cleaners are the best fit for their homes. Our technicians can help you test and monitor your home air quality to find the best solution for your specific needs. Consultants from Gahanna Heating and Cooling will help you determine if a mechanical or electronic model is best for you.  Call us today for a consultation.


Air Purifiers

Indoor air quality can be harmed by the build-up of pollutants like mold, dust, dander, smoke and mildew without proper ventilation. Clean air purifiers are designed to remove these pollutants from your home to make your air safe and comfortable.  This is especially important if anyone in your house has an asthma condition.  Technicians from Gahanna Heating and Cooling will help you find the best model to meet your air purification needs.